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Maisha Tea

Pure Moringa Leaf Tea

Pure Moringa Leaf Tea

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In the Western world, many people are overfed, yet under-nourished. Pure Moringa Leaf Tea is and excellent choice for our friends who desire to meet their nutritional needs in a way that is fast, convenient and delicious! Moringa Tea is full of vitamins and minerals, which make it an excellent way to replace the caffeine found in most tea. It is naturally caffeine-free, and the organic ingredients help nourish the body.

These shade dried, organic moringa oleifera leaves are pure and unadulterated. Pure Moringa Leaf Tea has a robust, earthy and biscuity flavour that is similar to green tea, but less acidic. Moringa also has more anti-oxidants than green tea does so only buy this product if you want to have great skin!

Naturally caffeine free so you can enjoy this tea at any time of day!


Organic moringa leaves.

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